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Hone Design wins the Communication Arts 2000 Annual Interactive Design Annual for Walrus Gear's website.
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Walrus Gear website was the winner of the most prestigious design competition for interactive media, the sixth annual Communication Arts Interactive Design Competition. An interactive project that was created for digital distribution on the World Wide Web.

Selected by a nationally representative panel of distinguished programmers, interface designers and creative directors, the winning entries will be published in the September/October Interactive Annual of Communication Arts and on our Web site. 75,000 copies were distributed worldwide, assuring important exposure to the creators of these outstanding projects.

Quotes from the Judges:

"Packed with information and presented in a clean, simple and clear way, the site is both informative and good-looking, with a nice blend of images and color."
—Alexis Rodriguez

"Because of the clean, print approach to the layout, the shopping experience is like browsing through a well-designed catalog."
—Gene Na